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We are very proud to present our first book in the series,

"What Could Possibly Go Wrong??"

A romping collection of stories for young readers. 




One snowy cold blizzardy day, twin baby goats were born in a barn. When Grace and Walter went  that morning to visit their horse Desi and the two cows, Gertrude and Clementine, they found the teeny tiny goats all alone. They knew they had to take them into their home to keep them safe and warm. The baby goats needed to be fed often and watched very closely, just like little people babies. Grace and Walter had no idea that their decision would lead to many hilarious misadventures with the tiny twins....

Book One in the Series:
What Could Possibly Go Wrong??

The Misadventures of Lola and Sad Gary

Go on hilarious adventures with Grace and Walter as they try to keep up to the little goats, Lola and Sad Gary, after bringing them into their home. 
Inspiration for all of the stories came from real events that happened when orphaned twin goats were taken in by Sharon and Wayne on their farm. Although the stories are fictional, they have real life events intertwined throughout 

We hope you'll have many giggles as you go on adventures with Grace, Walter and the Little Goats.





Coming in 2022 

Stay tuned for Book 2 coming out in 2022 with more stories and adventures featuring the twin goats in:


What Could Possibly Go Wrong?? ......More misadventures with Lola and Sad Gary!!

Join us for more fun and entertaining stories as the twins are getting older and bigger which means Grace and Walter are finding themselves in more comical predicaments than ever before. Who would have thought that Lola's curious nature and Sad Gary's tummy could possibly get them into anymore pickles and misadventures??

   Sneak peak from Book Two:

 Lola and Sad Gary

Go to the County Fair


"LOOK OUT!!!” shouted Grace and Walter to Mrs. Snootberry.

Mrs. Snootberry, who was dressed in her usual prim and proper attire and fancy Fall Fair hat, had anticipated the imminent destruction of her beautiful cake. She crouched down, got in position with arms wide open, and preparing to wrangle dog and goats confidently yelled, “I’VE GOT ‘EM!!!” She wrapped one arm around Lexi’s middle and the other around Lola’s. However, Sad Gary was already leaping up towards the table, unable to stop…..

Everyone looked on wide-eyed, just in time to see Gary land perfectly in the middle of Mrs. Snootberry’s cake. Her gorgeous cake. ....The cake that had just won First Prize in the Baking Contest.                                                   

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