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How it all began: by Sharon Shuttleworth

   On February 3, 2021 two little goats were born on an Alberta farm. Sadly, their mother died, but soon the little orphans found their way into two homes near Airdrie, Alberta. We brought home the tiny weakest one.

   Throughout her little journey with us, we heard from so many people about how she had brightened their days. We knew she was helping us, but we had no idea of the effect she had on others until the comments started appearing on her posts about how she was helping people's mental health.

   One comment in particular stood out:

"This little Darling has done so much for mental health in so many people ...Thank you just seems to be inadequate at this time."

   It got Wayne and I thinking of a way that we could do more good with Lola. After some research, we came up with a goal and a charity. The members of Studio 52 jumped on board without hesitation.

   We and the members of Studio 52 were beyond excited to launch The Lola Project!! The beneficiary would be the Airdrie Health Foundation which provides support to the community through urgent health needs, one of which is mental health. What a perfect fit for Little Lola.

   The artists of Studio 52 were busy creating Lola art which would be donated for use on Lola merchandise. There were many wonderful items including our children's series, "What could possibly go Wrong???"

   I sourced local businesses in Airdrie for as much of the merchandise production as I could (as well as our logo design)

   The Lola Project ran from March 1 - November 30, 2021 and raised over $5000 for the Airdrie Health Foundation.

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