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 Welcome and Thanks for visiting us here at Lola The Little Goat:


   Come and meet Lola and Sad Gary, two very special little goats! When Grace and Walter adopt twin orphan goats and bring them into their home, they also bring a little bit of chaos! The goats poop everywhere, jump on the furniture, and eat any paper they find. But they sure are cute, and the twins quickly earn a place in Grace and Walter's heart.

   Their new life is exciting, but full of challenges. How will Grace and Walter take care of these mischievous kids? And what will they do when the goats get too big to live in the house?

   What Could Possibly Go Wrong?? is a fun and charming novel for young readers-and it's inspired by the story of a real Lola and Sad Gary! Readers will delight in hearing the joys, challenges, and adventures that come from raising two excitable young animals. With Lola and Sad Gary around, every day is full of joy and giggles.

   Shannon McDonald and Sharon Shuttleworth have come together and created a novel of fictional stories about Lola and Sad Gary-twin goats!!! Inspiration for our stories came from real events that happened when Sharon and her husband Wayne became caregivers for orphaned twin goats. As Sharon wrote about the little goats daily, she got a following of Lola and Sad Gary fans with her funny posts highlighting the twin's daily antics. Shannon thought these could make great stories for a children's series and sent Sharon a sample of a story. Sharon loved the idea and with Sharon's illustrations and Shannon's stories, they have created their first book.

   Although the stories are fictional, they have some of Lola, Sad Gary, Sharon and Wayne's real life events intertwined throughout them.  Within this site, you'll find information on The Lola Project's History, a little About Us and how you can acquire Our Book. There is also an Interactive page where you will find some links to Sharon's FB posts that inspired the stories.


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